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Grant Writing Certification

I offer grant writing certification courses through the University of Southern Maine Professional Development Center and the University of Maine Office of Lifelong Learning.


New to the world of grant writing and don't know where to start? 


I offer consulting services to walk you through all stages of the grants cycle: getting "grant-ready," researching opportunities, applying for funding, and managing grant projects.


Have you applied for grants but haven't received funding? 

I will review your previous grant applications to help you improve your grant writing skills and develop a strategy that will get you funding.

Do you work at a large organization where multiple people write grants, and things get confusing? 

I provide the guidance, policies, and procedures to create a grant writer's group that meets monthly to share research, vet potential opportunities, and democratically decide who will apply.  This process includes creating a calendar to plan your grant applications a year in advance.

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